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Shipping Policy

Company Sales & Shipping Policy

Our aim is to get our products fast and cheap delivered to our customers that way our products can be sold competitively throughout Europe

Prices on the Price list are Ex-Works Thessaloniki - Greece

Minimum order is €350,00

Standard shipping rate for European Union

€15,00 + 1,5% of the total invoice value

(For Countries that are not listed in the above European Union shipping policy does not apply. )



€350,00 order

1,5% of €350,00 order value + 15€ Standart Shipping cost = €370.25

*5,25 € (its depending for your order value ) + 15 € (standart shipping cost ) = 20,25 € the total shipping charges for an order value 350 € 


Discount Policy !

In the case of large orders we offer discounts , (the shipping cost is calculated before the discount total.)

Discounts are given for the following order amounts (Only for countries of European Union)

  • 5% for orders over € 2.000,00
  • 10% for orders over € 5.000,00 * ( Shipping policy does not apply )
  • 15% for orders over € 10.000,00 * ( Shipping policy does not apply )
  • 20% for orders over €15.000,00 * ( Shipping policy does not apply )

* For orders above €5.000,00 , Buyer will pay full shipping amount. Estimated arrival time of goods usually takes 4-5 Working days.*

**  In the countries were we provide full service trough a distributor or sales agency these discounts does not apply but the country specific discount structure applies **

If the buyer wishes for Express shipping costs will have to be calculated and buyer will be informed. Countries which need customs clearance will be the responsibility of the Buyer.

(For more details in third countries, please contact us via via e-mail at :  
customercare@pentagon.com.gr )