About Pentagon

The Pentagon S.A. company is specializing in the field of import, export and trading of military and police uniforms, footwear and accessories for Army and Police Units. The company was established in 1993 and today is the market leader in Greece and Southern Balkans providing excellent and high quality products. The company resides in Kalochori - Thessalonica, on Lordou Vironos Str. 3. 

While we have been already established in the Greek and European Market, we continue investing in technology and on high professionalism of human resources so as to satisfy the needs and the demands of our clients and co-operatives. 

Our priority is the value of living and that is why our aim is the company’s products to be used for pacifying purposes. The materials of our products are of the latest technology and combine comfort, hard-wearing and quality.

Pentagon SA has created a young team of Research and Development that has the knowledge on latest technology products and materials which are used by today’s Soldiers and Police officials. The innovative ideas of Pentagon SA accomplish to cover not only the current needs of these but they also ensure their future requirements of personal equipment. The materials are tried by the special forces of Army and Aviation and also by police officials that use our products under any weather circumstances on their daily duty. Our team always tries to evolve the products to best suit each individuals needs and that is why they are found in the first and best preferences of our customers for the last 20 years.

We develop quality work clothing for any business. Big companies have entrusted Pentagon SA to develop the clothing and the equipment of their staff. We provide clothing that gives comfort and the necessary protection required. We choose materials that can correspond to the daily use and can last an expected length of time.Some of our products can be embroidered with messages, drawings and logos of your business presenting an image of quality and professionalism that is important in today’s highly competitive market place.